RUDAS Dementia Assessment Service

According to a study done by the Australian Department of Health, seniors over 65 years old are at a high risk of suffering from dementia. Even though early detection of dementia is becoming more and more common, cultural and linguistic barriers make it particularly easy to misdiagnose early onset dementia for Australian seniors from multi-ethnic backgrounds.

Care Worker of the Month- Angell Chen

“My parents aren’t in Australia and the seniors often care about my well-being, which makes me feel like they are my own parents. I can tell they care about me from the bottom of their heart, it motivates me to do more and help them as much as I can.”

Care Worker of the Month- Baolin Li

“I think it takes a lot of love and patience to be a care worker. This career requires constant efforts, and you need to face different challenges along the way, but the job is so meaningful”